Showdown and Copper State Update

Posted: February 24th, 2010 by Daniel Rensch

IM Irina Krush has filled the 10th and final spot for this year’s Copper State International, presented by Abstrax Inc. Click for the updated player’s list!

ACE Chess Update-

The updated “player’s list” for this weekend’s Showdown tournament with GM Ramirez is:

GM Alejandro Ramirez             USCF 2616
IM Dionisio Aldama                  USCF 2523
IM Daniel Rensch                     USCF 2452
FM Pedram Atoufi                    USCF 2333
NM David Adelberg                  USCF 2216
Ben Marmont                            USCF 2108
John Williams                           USCF 2092
John Gurczak                            USCF 2034
Dipro Chakraborty                    USCF 2012
Amanda Mateer                        USCF 2021
Tom Mayka                               USCF 1949
Daniel Pecherski                      USCF 1928
Nate Cromer                             USCF 1702

If you are rated USCF 1700 or higher and would like to grab this opportunity to play against some elite competition, sign up for the Showdown NOW by clicking here! For more details about the Showdown, Strategy Sessions, or other events Grand Master Ramirez will be taking part in during his time in Arizona, click here.

Chess World Update-

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