ACE Chess Update

Posted: May 6th, 2010 by Daniel Rensch

Dear Arizona,

ACE Chess would like to wish good luck to all of our K-6 competitors whom are headed to Atlanta this weekend for the Elementary National Championships. For those players not going, remember that there is Unity Open in Scottsdale this weekend (May 8th).

Before we look completely ahead to the 2010 Copper State International, presented by Abstrax Inc — We would like to remind everyone of the Blitz and Bughouse Championships being held on May 22nd (NOW merged into a one day chess festival)!!!
You can register NOW! We hope many will come out and enjoy this fun day of “Blitz and Bug”… Winners of their respective sections will earn slots into the Copper State International Blitz and Bughouse tourneys!!!


Anand vs Topalov tied at 4.5 in the WCH Match! Videos, Pawn Structure Minority Attack!

Nakamura relocating to St. Louis!