February 1-2, 2003
GM Alexander Yermolinsky In Mesa

Grand-Master Alex Yermolinsky, A.K.A. "The Yerminater", or "Yermo", was in Mesa, Arizona the weekend of February 1-2. He was giving lectures on many chess subjects. "I learned a lot this weekend and so did the team," said Fitch Academy chess captain Mark Moore. Yermolinksy said he enjoyed teaching the boys almost as much as he liked the food. Yermo wants to come back in May for more chess lecturing and Trina Kamp's green chilli chicken casserole...
Grandmaster Yermolinksy lecturing on openings  
The Fitch Academy and Yermo studying middlegame technique on Saturday Robby Adamson and the Fitch Academy learn chess "Yermo Style"!


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