March 1-2, 2003
Nationals Preparation with Coach Adamson...

The Fitch Academy chess team, joined by coach FM Robby Adamson, came together for a weekend of intensive chess preparation for this year's High School National Championship to be held in Columbus, Ohio. Coach Adamson worked with all the boys one on one last weekend. The team, although they know there is much work ahead and many things to improve, is looking forward to this year's big event with excitement. Coach Adamson will be traveling with the team along with Coach Steven Kamp.
Robby Adamson discusses strategy with the Fitch Academy Chess Team.  
Pieta Garrett and Robby Adamson get ready for a blitz game on Pete's opening of choice. Robby Adamson plays a practice game with Bryan Paulsen.
Mark Moore and Coach Adamson review lines on a theoretical discussion. Danny Rensch and Robby Adamson argue over a game they played earlier.


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