Update, US Champs, etc!

Posted: May 21st, 2010 by Daniel Rensch

Dear Arizona —

It isn’t too late to join in the fun tomorrow at ASU! IM Daniel Rensch, FM Pedram Atoufi and many others will be competing in the Blitz — Which will be followed immediately by the Bughouse tournament. Register NOW for Blitz, or click here for Bughouse! Remeber, %50 of our proceeds are being donated directly to the Cardon Children’s Medical Center.

Over $1K has already been raised for the hospital…

Prizes have been added to the Copper State Blitz Championship (the main event), so even if you don’t qualify tomorrow, you can still reserve a spot.

The US Championship has moved into its final stage, and you can click here for standings, pairings, and live coverage. Check it out!


Anand retains title!

Chess.com Videos; Live Sessions!

Unity Open; May 29th — Register NOW!