Update: Scorpions and Trek

Posted: October 3rd, 2010 by Daniel Rensch

Dear Arizona —

The Arizona Scorpions play their biggest match of year tomorrow evening (6pm) at Abstrax, Inc in Mesa! The Match-Up???

San Francisco Mechanics vs Arizona Scorpions

#1 Friedel, J (SF)            vs      Barcenilla, R (AZ)
#2 Rensch, D. (AZ)         vs      Pruess, D. (SF)
#3 Naroditsky, D. (SF)   vs     Adamson, R. (AZ)
#4 Adelberg, D. (AZ)      vs     Yian, L. (SF)

Follow the match live on the ICC, and look for recaps by IMs Rensch and Pruess on Chess.com!

Register NOW for the Master Trek Grand Prix Cup tournament on National Chess Day: October 9th!

For all those who didn’t receive trophies at last month’s tournament (September 11th) — please email Info@AmericanChess.net with subject line: Trophy! Please list your final place and section.


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