Showdown Final Update, Pairings

Posted: January 29th, 2010 by Daniel Rensch

Here is the final list of players who will be competing in this weekend’s ACE Chess Showdown tournament. Registration is closed. The event will be played with the “Scheveningen” Format in place, to ensure that all players get at least THREE games with 2200+ USCF competition (as advertised). We are very excited to be hosting this event, and GM Yermo is “pumped up” to play! Stay tuned for results and pictures! For information on next month’s Showdown tournament featuring GM Alejandro Ramirez, click here.

1    Ginsburg, Mark        2427          W4      B7        B5        W9      W6      B8      

2    Rensch,Daniel           2444         B6        W8      B4        W7      B5        W9

3    Yermolinsky, Alex 2583         W5          B9        B6        W8      W4      B7

4    Adelberg,David        2216          B1        W12    W2        B10      B3       W11

5    Atoufi,Pedram          2333        B3        W10    W1        B11      W2      B12

6    Martinez,Leo            2261         W2      B11      W3        B12      B1         W10

7    Chakraborty,Dipro  2012       B12      W1      W10      B2      B11      W3

8    Gurczak,John           2059        W11    B2        W12      B3        B10       W1

9    Williams,John M       2079      B10      W3      W11      B1      W12      B2

10    Mayka, Tom        1935            W9      B5        B7        W4      W8      B6

11    Pace,William Jr     1895         B8        W6      B9        W5      W7      B4

12    Pecherski,Daniel   1867       W7      B4        B8        W6      B9        W5

GOOD LUCK to all the players!