Showdown Field Set!

Posted: February 26th, 2010 by Daniel Rensch

OK, we are very excited about this month’s Showdown here at the ACE Chess Headquarters in Mesa, Arizona!!! Here we go:

  • We broke the tournament down into a “Sheveningen LIKE” Format, with “Swiss Style” pairings. What exaclty does that mean, and has Danny finally lost his mind??? Keep reading…
  • As with 14 players, it is impossible to break the teams down evenly into groups of 3 or 4 as we did last month, so we did the next best thing…
  • We placed all the players into teams. 2 teams of 4 players and 2 teams of 3. Players are still competing for their individual “rating class” prizes.
  • No player will play against his/her teammate during the course of the event, and the obvious team prize is PRIDE!!! 🙂

Thanks again to Yermo’s genius!!!

1    Aldama,Dionisio             TEAMA
2    Atoufi,Pedram                 TEAMA
3    Ramirez, Alejandro       TEAMA
4    Rensch,Daniel                  TEAMA
5    Cromer,Nathan               TEAMB
6    Pecherski,Daniel             TEAMB
7    Qi,Eric    13409554       TEAMB
8    Williams,John M            TEAMB
9    Adelberg,David              TEAMC
10    Mateer,Amanda          TEAMC
11    Mayka, Tom                   TEAMC
12    Chakraborty,Dipro      TEAMD
13    Gurczak,John                TEAMD
14    Marmont,Benjamin     TEAMD

ROUND 1 Pairings… See everyone tomorrow bright and early!

01    1.    xxx    Williams,John M (0.0,TEAMB)    xxx    Ramirez, Alejandro (0.0,TEAMA)
01    2.    xxx    Aldama,Dionisio (0.0,TEAMA)    xxx    Gurczak,John (0.0,TEAMD)
01    3.    xxx    Mateer,Amanda (0.0,TEAMC)    xxx    Rensch,Daniel (0.0,TEAMA)
01    4.    xxx    Atoufi,Pedram (0.0,TEAMA)    xxx    Chakraborty,Dipro (0.0,TEAMD)
01    5.    xxx    Pecherski,Daniel (0.0,TEAMB)    xxx    Adelberg,David (0.0,TEAMC)
01    6.    xxx    Marmont,Benjamin (0.0,TEAMD)    xxx    Cromer,Nathan (0.0,TEAMB)
01    7.    xxx    Mayka, Tom (0.0,TEAMC)    xxx    Qi,Eric (0.0,TEAMB)