AZ States Standings and Trek on 19th!

Posted: January 14th, 2013 by Daniel Rensch

Congratulations to all the “regular Trekkers” who finished in the top 10 at the AZ State Grade Championships in Gilbert last weekend:

  • Justin Friedlander — Tied for 2nd Place, 1st Grade
  • Arun Moorthy — Co-Champion, 2nd Grade
  • Ethan Spat — Co-Champion, 2nd Grade
  • Nathan Xie — Top 5, 2nd Grade
  • Mason Miller and Jonathan Martinez — Co-Champions, 3rd Grade
  • Benjamin Friedlander — Top 5, 3rd Grade
  • Eli Cindrich and Shiva Rudra — Top 10, 3rd Grade
  • Chang Xu — 1st Place Champion, 4th Grade
  • Rick Sun and Arjun Moorthy — Top 5, 4th Grade
  • Powell Walker, Will Rosenberg, Dan Nguyen and Varenya Chilukuri — Top 10, 4th Grade
  • Darian Nguyen — 1st Place Champion, 5th Grade
  • Richard Qi — 1st Place Champion, 6th Grade
  • Bennett Katz — 2nd Place, 6th Grade
  • Ryan Thompson and Bria Castro — Top 5, 6th Grade
  • Ethan Xie, Manu Reddy, Gavin Vogt, and Alex Vogel — Top 10, 6th Grade
  • Prateek Pinisetti — 1st Place Champion, 7th Grade
  • Ethan Li, Michael Sauer and David Condon — Top 5, 7th Grade
  • Sreekar Bommireddy, Rahul Reddy, Nikhil Dave, and Clark Vidler — Top 10, 7th Grade
  • Tony Yim — 1st Place Champion, 8th Grade
  • Yash Pershad, Rachael Eng, and Pranav Rudra — Top 5, 8th Grade
  • Alek Pensky and Sutter Jones — Top 10, 8th Grade
  • Bohan Li — 1st Place Champion, 9th-12th Grades
  • Jarod Coulter, 2nd Place, 9th-12th Grades
  • Nic Johnston, Alec Andersen, and Rohan Mittal — Top 10 , 9th-12th Grades

For the final standings of the event, please click here! If we missed you, it wasn’t an issue of love (joking) but only because the list was long!

Register NOW for the first Trek of the year! IM Shahin Mohandesi and FM Pedram Atoufi will be playing in the top section! You can see all the Advanced Entries here!

Stay tuned for our updated schedule page!