Posted: August 5th, 2011 by Daniel Rensch


As we look forward to a new year, and in many ways a “new era” of Master Trek tournaments, American Chess Events LLC would like to make a few announcements regarding the upcoming season of tournaments. We are very excited to continue bringing you the highest quality chess tournaments in the state, and we will be focused on providing Arizona’s Youth with the best competition for their growth — with at least one Master Level and/or Titled Player in the top section at every Master Trek.


  • We will continue the Grand Prix Cup!!! Though we have eliminated prizes for the 2000 & Up section; all other prizes will remain. Details of any changes and updates can be found here, while the Final Standings from last year can be seen here!
  • We have shirts!!! ACE Chess will be selling T-Shirts for the first time at the Master Trek on August 27th, for the one-time price of $12. So be there to get yours at a discount!

  • T-Shirts will then be available for $15 with tournament entry online, or $20 for Adults or when purchased without registering for a Master Trek event!
  • will be re-designed over the coming months to bring a more simple, fresh look. Stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone, and we will see you soon!