Master Trek Recap - September 26, 2009

Posted: October 18th, 2009 by Daniel Rensch

Of course the biggest turnout in Master Trek history (since the end of the combined “Master and Pre Trek Era”) would happen while I was away!!! Anyway, thanks to everyone for their support and we promise that, if this level of participation continues, a new and more comfortable venue for the best tournaments in Arizona will be provided!

The 2000 and Up Section was dominated by the pros: FM Pedram Atoufi and NM Joel Johnson both went undefeated, scoring a perfect four wins and no losses. Generally, we try to avoid pairing our “hired guns” against one another, as they are playing to compete against the kids; however, we will be changing our Grand Prix Cup Point System for the 2000 and Up Section shortly… The rest of the section played out as follows: David Leinbach took third place with two and a half points; Roland Rodriguez, Joshua Zhu, Eric Qi, and Tom Mayka finished tied for fourth through seventh places.

The 1700-1999 Section finished with a massive tie for first place; however, as only one of those players was eligible to earn Grand Prix Cup Points, Shunta Hashimoto was awarded clear first (just to clear up controversy, he had the best tie-breaks too). Way to go Shunta! Co-Champions of the section were Jason Kammerdiner, Jeffrey Green, and Tom Mayka. They finished in that respective order on tie-breaks. Bill Pace finished in fifth, Daniel Bryant in sixth (his tear continues), and Daniel Pecherski in seventh. All of them scored two and a half points out of four.

The 1400-1699 Section saw two players go undefeated, although only one of them went four wins with no losses: Congratulations to Bohan Li from Tucson for his dominating performance. Michael Prem finished in clear second with three and a half points out of four, while David Godfrey, Tony Yim, and Luc Lalonde all finished tied for third through fifth place with three points. A large group of players finished with two and a half points and they finished, on tie-breaks, as follows: Soren Alethia-Zomlefer in sixth; Neil Talanki in seventh; Philip Godfrey in eighth; Joseph Hoffman in ninth; and Yaroslav Pilipenko in tenth.

Matthew Worley and Michael Sauer finished tied for first in the 1000-1399 Section; however Mr. Worley came away with first place in the end. Xiexin Wang, Rachael Eng, Troy Dennis, and Taylor Bader all finished with three points and finished tied for third through sixth in that order.

Finally, the 500-999 Section saw Kevin Poppell go undefeated and capture clear first! A HUGE group of players finished tied for second through eighth place, and they finished in the following order on tie-breaks: Zac Smith; Evan Hao; Michael Grasser; Stanley Wang; Kalyan Chaliki; Jeremy Deerman; and Eric Hao. Congratulations to all on a well played tournament!

Thanks to everyone again for your continued support. Hope you enjoy the pictures! We will see you on the 24th at ASU…