Master Trek Recap - September 12, 2009

Posted: October 3rd, 2009 by Daniel Rensch

A slight decrease in numbers for our second Master Trek of the season did not mean a slight decrease in “strength of tournament”! In fact, shortly after declaring the Master Trek on August 29th the strongest tournament we have ever had, I have to retract that statement in favor of the September 12th Trek. FM Pedram Atoufi, NM Leo Martinez, and NM Joel Johnson lead the charge of adult(s) participation against the “rating eaters” (as I am now calling the sward of talented youth in Arizona)!

Starting at the top we saw the “freshest rating meat”, FM Pedram, hold par and “knock em’ down” one by one! Although Pedram settled on a draw against NM Leo Martinez in the last round, he was clearly the best player in the tournament. John Williams and Bryan Hu finished tied for second with three points out of four, Leo took clear fourth with two and a half points, while Eric Qi, Joel Johnson, and David Leinbach tied for 5-7th place with two points each.

It seems as though Daniel Bryant will not stand for our new rating requirements (the one that says you have to be within 50 points of the next class to play up)! After scoring three out of four in the first Master Trek of the season, Daniel went a perfect four wins and no losses on the 12th in the 1700-1999 Section. Look out Expert players, more “rating eaters” are coming! Chris Dussik took second with three points, Bill Pace and Kinsleigh Wong took third and fourth with two and a half points each, and Peter Fenger, Jason Kammerdiner and James Savage all tied for fifth place with two points respectively.

In the 1400-1699 Section, we saw a pretty balanced finish of players from all over the state: First place belonged to a long time Trek regular and valley resident, Kendrick Nguyen, second through fourth was Soren Alethia-Zomlefer Noah Raskin and Michael Prem in that order and all of them scored three out of four. Finally, Derek Chen and Cortez Schenck finish tied for fifth and sixth place with two and a half points each.

Rachael Eng, an All-Star in 2009 and a contender for the Cup down the stretch, has picked up right where she left off! After winning numerous 700-999 Sections last year, she took home first place in the 1000-1399 Section for the first time on the 12th! Congrats to her. Newcomer Todd Bryce and Chevalier’s AJ Anthony took second and third with three points each, while fourth and fifth place belonged to Justin Yu and reigning MVP Austen Fletcher in that order, both scoring two and a half points out of four.

We have all heard of the “Brother’s Grimm” but how about the “Brother’s Nehmeh”?! Both Paul and Adam spent last season “on again off again” when it came to competing in the Treks, but this year will surely be different after their great start! After taking a half point bye in the first round, both boys proceeded to win out and tie for first place. Adam, the older brother, won the Blitz Playoff and was therefore awarded the most Grand Prix Points, but both the “Brother’s Nehmeh” had a wonderful tournament experience.