Master Trek Recap - October 24, 2009

Posted: October 28th, 2009 by Daniel Rensch

Before we get to the Recap from October’s only Master Trek Grand Prix Cup tournament, I must first address a serious issue that has raised many questions over the past few months! The inquiry: Just how do you guys get your events/tournaments rated so quickly (much faster then anyone else)? Well, we have been trying to avoid this issue for sometime, but the truth shall set you free, right? The fact is that the “Rating Report Fairy” owes Jeffrey a large sum of money (undisclosed amount to protect the innocent). So let’s just say that Jeffrey can get a favor whenever he needs one… Just be thankful for what you have…

So, the 2000 and Up Section was probably the strongest tournament Arizona will have this year. Seriously… No joke. IMs Dionisio Aldama and Daniel Rensch (rated #s 2 and 3 amongst active players in the state, in that order respectively) competed along side FM Pedram Atoufi and and NM Joel Johnson. Several other strong experts competed in the top section as well, and the final standings shaped up with Daniel Rensch in first, Eric Qi and Dionisio Aldama tied for second and third, Andrew Lebovitz in fourth and Jon Dussik (who played up all four rounds) in fifth.

The 1700-1999 Section belonged to the “Ole Red Dog” as I am now calling him… Tom Mayka played like a beast, and took home first place honors! Congrats to him! Peter Fenger finished in clear second with three points, Daniel Pecherski and “the Fairy’s Nemesis” finished tied for third and fourth with two and a half points each, while Richard Cowan grabbed fifth (to his own surprise) with two points. Great section to all!

The 1400-1699 Section saw first place come down to two players who both seemed driven to win that “Full Ride” trip to Nationals! This time though, Soren Alethia-Zomlefer got the best of his rivalry with Noah Raskin, and finished with a perfect 4-0 SCORE. I put that phrase in all caps because Noah also finished “undefeated”, but came up a little short with just three and a half points out of four. Wow, this should be fun down the stretch! Third through fifth place was a three way tie of three points a piece: Jeffrey Poppell, Michael Prem, and Richard Qi finished in that order respectively.

In the 1000-1399 Section it seemed that everyone who placed in the top 5 either lost to the players that finished 1 or 2. Well, except for #1! Prescott Ogden finished a perfect four wins and no losses on his way to first place. Adam Graunke, second place, Michael Sauer, third place, and Heinz Horner, fourth place, all finished with three points. Thayer Alethia-Zomlefer took clear fifth place with two and a half points.

Although the 500-999 Section was as small a section as we have had all year, it was the section with the most exciting finish! Zac Smith and Eric Hao finished tied for first, which obviously meant an Armageddon Blitz game for “Sudden Death Master Trek”: The most exciting happening in sports today!!! I even posted to my ACE Chess Twitter Account during the game. In the end, Eric Hao came away with the Grand Prix Points. Third place belonged to Jain Aakash, fourth to Stanley Wang, and fifth to Kalaan Chaliki.

OK Everyone, we will see you soon! Hope you enjoyed the Recap!