2009 Copper State International Presented by Abstrax – Raffle Prize Winners

Posted: June 4th, 2009 by Daniel Rensch

Thanks to Abstrax!

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  • House of Staunton used as Board 1: Luc Lalonde
  • House of Staunton used as Board 2: Cortez Schenck
  • House of Staunton used as Board 3: Jeff Robinson
  • Mon Roi: Robert Keough
  • Mon Roi: John Williams
  • Pair of Diamondbacks Tickets: Cortez Schenck
  • Pair of Diamondbacks Tickets: John Gurczak
  • Pair of Diamondbacks Tickets: Peter Fenger

Books: There were 50 tickets drawn for book prizes that were organized in order of value. If your name appears on this list and you were not present to accept your prize please contact Shauna at shauna@americanchess.net to find out what you have won.

  • Jon Dussik
  • Cortez Schenck
  • Luc Lalonde
  • Zac Cancid
  • Randel Eng
  • Soren Alethia-Zomlefer
  • Sateesh Aradhyula
  • Dr. Norm Saba
  • Ari Lalonde
  • Rachel Eng
  • Alan Anderson
  • Kenny
  • David Lopez
  • Steve Mayer
  • Robert Keough
  • Greane
  • Phil Terrill
  • Luke Curry
  • Rami Redi
  • Troy Oberg
  • Ethan Winter
  • Harry Wexler