ACE Chess Presents: Showdown Tournament - January 30-31, 2010

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GM Alexander Yermolinsky

GM Alexander Yermolinsky

GM Alex Yermolinsky: Grand Master Alex Yermolinsky is a former U.S. Champion. His highest  ranking was amongst the top 20 (FIDE) in the world. Alex is a multiple-time winner of every major tournament in the United States. This list includes: The World Open; The U.S. Open; The Chicago Open; The Foxwoods Open; the National Open; and the North American Open (which he recently won again in December of 2009) amongst others. "Yermo's" book: Road the Chess Improvement, is considered by many to be a modern masterpiece of chess psychology (and a personal favorite of GM Alejandro Ramirez -- our February GM Celebrity).

The purpose of the Showdown is to provide ambitious players with the chance to compete against Master Level competition in a serious tournament environment. Each player will have the opportunity to review their games amongst the titled players throughout each day of play. Every player is guaranteed at least three games against 2200+ Rated Competition.

Location: 845 E 7th Street Mesa, Arizona 85203.

Round Times:

Saturday January 30th : Rd1 – 9am; Rd2 – 11:15am; Rd3 – 1:30pm; Rd4 – 3:45pm. Sunday January 31st: Rd5 – 10am; Rd6 – 12:15pm.


USCF Rated. 6 Rounds. Game in 60-minutes. Must be 1800 Rated to Register. Slots may be held for players rated 1700+ upon full deposit of entry fee (refunded if player doesn’t compete in the event).

Registration Fee:

Update: Register by 1/22/2010, and your entry is only $150.
$200. Seating limited to 15 Players. Must make full deposit upon accepting invitation.


One Prize: 1st Place U2200 Player: $200! (Full Reimbursement of Entry Fee!!!)

Additional Details:

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