ACE Chess Presents: Master Trek GPC - December 5, 2009

Last Updated: November 21st, 2009 by Daniel Rensch

When & Where:

December 5, 2009. ASU Campus, Physical Sciences, Wexler Hall, Room 118. Parking available at Parking Structure #2, on the Northeast corner of McAllister Ave. and Tyler St. Structures and lots are free except during special events.

Tournament Details:

5 Levels: 500 to 999, 1000 to 1399, 1400 to 1699, 1700 to 1999, and 2000 & up. 4 rounds: Swiss System. G/60. 1/2 point bye for any one round if notified prior to event. Sets and boards provided. Must bring and play with clock.

Note: The 2000 & Up Section will always have a player of Master Level (2200 USCF Rated or higher) competing in the tournament. We guarantee it!

Note: ACE Chess may limit participation to 80 players per tournament as of the 2009 Grand Prix Cup Season.

Note: Adult Participants are welcome to play in every section besides the 500-999.

Round Times:

Round 1 – 9am, Round 2 – 11:15am, Round 3 – 1:30pm, Round 4 – 3:45pm.

Entry Fee:

Scholastic: 500-999, 1000-1399, 1400-1699, and 1700-1999:
$25 by December 2, $28 by December 4, $30 at site.

Adult Participants: 1000-1399, 1400-1699, and 1700-1999:
$15 by December 2, $18 byDecember 4, $20 at site.

All players 2000 & Up:
$20 at all times. All players rated 1950-2000 must pay $30 to play up.

Note: Registration and check in by 8:45am Saturday morning.


Trophies to top five places in 500 to 999, 1000 to 1399, 1400 to 1699, and 1700 to 1999. Medals to 6th through 10th. Trophies to top three places in 2000 & up. Must win 2 games to possibly receive a trophy. Must score 1.5 points to receive a medal, if not then receive a ribbon. Grand Prix Points (GPP) totaled and awarded at end of season. See MT Grand Prix Cup details.

Special Event:

IM Danny Rensch and other guest speakers will be providing Lectures and Game Review for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours (from 12:00pm-1:30pm) at every Master Trek tournament. IM Rensch and others will provide in depth looks at everything chess on a first come first serve basis during this time period. Parents, coaches, and all players are welcome at anytime! Feel free to contact Danny during to tournament for more details.

Additional Details:

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