Let’s Get Together: ACE Letter 4

Posted: June 30th, 2009 by Daniel Rensch

Well, well, well… we meet again! If you are reading this, than you already know: This is the fourth edition of the Danny’s Corner quarterly newsletter from American Chess Events LLC. As usual, we are here to cover all things ACE Chess, from tournament details, exciting announcements regarding our products and services, and of course a look ahead to our upcoming events that you definitely need to mark down on your calendar!

Some of you have already heard the rumors (my big mouth let it slip), but it is time to make the biggest announcements in the history of American Chess Events LLC official (although our sponsors will remain nameless for the time being). Starting with the 2009-2010 Season of the Master Trek Grand Prix Cup Series, every section in the Master Treks, not just one player overall, will be awarded an MVP prize! This will avoid “cross section” competing and controversy.

Yes, I know that sounds cool but just wait, it gets much better. Not only will we continue to reward consistent chess improvement and excellence by giving away All-Star Jackets, free tournament entries, plaques, and “Cup Immortality” by having your name engraved, but, starting with the August 29th Master Trek, all your hard work can earn you an all expenses paid trip to the K-12 National Scholastic Chess Championships, held annually in December by the U.S.C.F. This season’s four MVP winners will find themselves on their way to Florida for the 2010 National Championship later that year, and every MVP after that can expect the same (yes, this will be an annual thing you can count on)! All this is being brought to you at no additional cost! In fact we have even restructured our tournament format and entry prices to be more accommodating in some sections! Check out the details for the upcoming Master Treks by clicking here.

In case you need more reasons to become an ACE Chess regular: The Master Treks remain the only series of tournaments in Arizona to consistently feature Master Level competition. Regular participation in ACE Chess tournaments has proven to improve the game for many of Arizona’s best players (producing some of the best scholastic players in the state and nation). The addition of the Grand Prix Cup, along with its unbelievable prizes, has helped ACE Chess find a way to finally make our dream come true: Help to produce, nurture, and support chess excellence in Arizona and America! For a full description of the changes that were made and the full list of prizes, check out the Grand Prix Cup details page by clicking here! By the way, we reached our maximum occupancy of 80 players 4 times last season, and we plan on staying at that number for every tournament this year. So, if you want to reserve and guarantee your spot for all 10 Master Treks this season, at a discounted rate, you can do so by registering ahead of time.

Woo, glad that’s over. Also worthy of note is that starting next week, until the start of the first Master Trek on August 29th; ACE Chess will be announcing Game of the Month awards for every Master Trek that was played during the 2008-2009 season. We encourage you to check the AmericanChess.net web site regularly to see if your game was selected! If you win, you can email Info@AmericanChess.net for further details on how to collect your prize of Free Entry into any ACE Chess tournament of your choice (Copper State International excluded).

Speaking of the 2010 Copper State International, dates have been set. From June 4th-9th, at the Abstrax, Inc. offices in Mesa, Arizona you will once again be able to find many of the best chess players in the world competing over the board and having a great time off the board. More details on both the main event, and the Copper State International Qualifier will be posted on www.AmericanChess.net in due time. To see FM Daniel Rensch’s complete review of the 2009 Copper State International, click here. If you are really bored, check out our Games in Review section, and replay some of the great chess from this year’s big event by clicking here!

Since our last newsletter, American Chess Events LLC has become an affiliate for Amazon.com. You can now find your favorite, and not so favorite, chess items on www.AmericanChess.net. To visit the ACE Chess Store, click here!

Finally I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported ACE Chess for all these years. Without you, none of this would be possible! Hey, thank you for reading this Newsletter too.

Danny Rensch – President
American Chess Events, LLC.